Corporate Stress Management Techniques Video Training Course

Becoming An Expert Stress Management Consultant Has Never Been Easier With This Comprehensive Online Video Course

Exploring The Skills Of How To Earn As A Respected High Demand Corporate Stress Management Techniques Consultant and/or A – List Celebrity Mind Therapist

Dr Wilf Archer is the expert to teach you

For many, many years Dr. Wilf Archer has worked in the Corporate Arena both as a Trainer and Manager and as such he is ideally qualified and highly experienced to teach you The True Inside Secrets of Making Big Money from the Stress Management Techniques & Corporate Hypnosis Arenas.

Just take a look at some of his qualifications below, all of which are relevant to his extensive knowledge and experience of conducting such training’s in the real world for paying clients:

Adding a new Professional Skills Set can make a huge advantage


Most people already know there are various techniques for combating stress, so this training course also has the emphasis on running a Stress Management Techniques Business rather than “What is Stress Management”

This twelve video plus comprehensive training manuals set Home Study Course is presented by UK Guru, Corporate Stress Expert Dr. Wilf Archer and also features training from  Britain’s Leading Authority on Hypnosis and NLP Dr. Jonathan Royle.

Filmed at a Live Two Day Weekend Training Seminar, nothing has been edited out and its just like being at the event yourself, which many people paid £497 and stated after the event that…

“We’d have been happy to pay many times that price to attend as the course and the secrets it revealed are invaluable to anyone serious about earning a living from Hypnotherapy & NLP”

Amongst the many secrets taught during this mindblowing event by Dr. Wilf Archer are

  • The True Secrets Of Making Big £££/$$$ From Stress Management Techniques
  • Principles of Stress (Risk) Management Coaching
  • Managing Stress (the 5 functions of management)
  • The Human Resources Managers’ perspective and why managing organisational stress is important
  • How to prepare and deliver a stress management seminar (games people play)
  • The 4 distinct earning opportunities for Stress Management
  • How to break the corporate barrier
  • Learning Corporate Jargonese (ROIs, TNAs, Gap Analysis, Deliverables)
  • Sources and Resources For Your Future Success
  • Instant Expert – Marketing Strategies (Visibility, & Credibility)
  • How to conduct Team Building & Sales Motivational Courses for big profits!
You can get this INSTANT DOWNLOAD or VIEW ONLINE right this very minute


“The entire training weekend was highly educational, informative and entertaining and I would recommend the DVDs of this event to any serious success minded therapist who wants to reach the top of their profession”



You have the chance to obtain 12 training video’s plus a monster collection of training manuals
PLUS Dr. Jonathan Royle will teach you many mindbowing secrets including:

  • How you can become a millionaire within 3 to 5 years as a Corporate Hypnotist & Stress Management Consultant
  • How to change all areas of your personal, business, emotional and spiritual life for the better and become a truly successful Mind Therapist
  • How to help International A-List Celebrities to eliminate their Drug, Alcohol, Smoking, Sex and Other Addictions
  • How to deal with the Celebrities for success and how to get the clients in the first place

Included in the bumper packed training manuals you’ll get

All of the Course Notes, Manuals and Reference Guides you’ll ever need on Stress Management to use in your trainings for huge profits

Amazing Power Point Slide Presentations Stress Management Techniques which constitute Two Complete Presentations from which you can and will be earning massive profits from Corporate Companies within days (if you so desire) of studying this course

Then you will be competent in this field

Using your skills as a Hypnotherapist or NLPer, there are absolute fortunes to be made in the fields of Stress Management & Corporate Hypnosis

Indeed, with the anti smoking laws there is a massive untapped arena to work in that will pay you thousands for hardly any more effort than seeing individual one to one clients

Further, with Health & Safety Laws dictating regular staff training on all levels there is an increasing market for Motivational Training, Stress Management Courses and Corporate Hypnosis and that’s why this amazing weekend training event on video is for you!

Presented by Dr. Wilf Archer with Special Guest Speaker Dr. Jonathan Royle, by the end of these 12 information packed video’s and training manuals you’ll be equipped with all the skills, tools and techniques you’ll need to start earning massive fees from the Corporate Consultancy Arena.

You’ll also learn the real secrets used by Royle to successfully help high profile Comedians and Film Stars eliminate their addiction to alcohol and he’ll even reveal the approach used to help amongst others a TV presenter to resolve their Sex Addiction.

You’ll discover the way he treats celebrities who want to lose weight or have other self-image and self confidence issues, you may well be shocked by many of the revelations made in this video training.

Now lets be 100% brutally honest, successfully treating Celebrities & High Profile Personalities is a million miles away from anything you may have done before as a Mind Therapist, that’s why you owe it to yourself to secure your copy of this explosive training video course today

 You’ll even learn how to deal with the Agents, Managers, Promoters and Publicists of the Celebrities you will be treating and of course discover ways of obtaining work in this highly lucrative, jealously guarded sector of the Mind Therapy Industry.

This is a truly eye opening training package and is so explosive in its content and revelations that you should not buy this if you are easily offended

“Wilf Archer’s Stress Management training event was a real eye opener and worth it’s weight in gold to any Therapist who wants to reach the top of the tree in the Corporate Arena”
Dr Wilf Archer
Member of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development
Chair of the Small Business Group
Committee member Facilitation Group
Member of The Chartered Institute of Occupational Safety & Health
Chartered Safety Practitioner
Registered Practitioner of General Hypnotherapy Council
Member of the European Knowledge Management Society

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