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PEOPLE HYPNOTIZE THEMSELVES – Revealed in a Stage Hypnosis Course


The Hypnotist, after learning from the Stage Hypnosis Course only tells them that they can do it! Until he told them, they never knew that they could do it. In effect we are directors of the film and the subjects become the actors doing as we say. We just guide them into what is really just a deep state of relaxation and should really be classed as Self Hypnosis. So much for the 1952 hypnotism act, 1989 guidelines and 1996 government review then! These are covered later.



RULE ONE: Have total confidence in yourself and your skillful abilities.


RULE TWO: Exude that confidence so that others will then have total confidence in you and your abilities.


RULE THREE: Monotony and repetition is the trade of the Hypnotist so repeat, repeat and then repeat it again.


RULE FOUR: Learn to use your voice so that it can sound demanding and also commanding.


RULE FIVE: Follow the steps and instructions detailed within this course to the letter and your success is guaranteed.



As a Hypnotist, the only tools of use to you are self-confidence (which you must have in abundance), suggestion, commanding and demanding tone of voice, rhythm of speech (cadence), monotony, repetition, professional appearance, knowledge and experience. These are the only tools available to you. However, if you learn to use them all effectively then it will become a most powerful tool kit and will make your job far easier. So learn to handle these tools with finesse for they are the start, middle and end of all that you must do and know.



As I see it the human mind is made up of three separate layers making the whole, these three layers are as follows:


1) The conscious mind and/or human will.

2) The analytical and/or critical area.

3) The subconscious and/or imagination


We use the conscious mind to speak etc, the subconscious deals with the automatic actions of our blood circulation and breathing as well as being our imagination area of the mind. And lastly the analytical area analyses all incoming information before being allowed entry and storage in the subconscious mind as truth/fact.


I will now make the analogy of the mind being a computer. The conscious mind is if you like the keyboard, which inputs new information. The analytical area analyses it for any mistakes in much the same way as a spell checker, then the corrected data, if of an acceptable nature, is allowed to enter the subconscious mind where it is stored forever in much the same way as storing data onto a floppy disc.



  • Anderw James
    March 31, 2017

    I agree that it is good to look at the human mind as a computer. Its a great metaphor how to create change. We spend our lives running so many page programs. Why not take the time so see a hypnotherapist to create some better more empowering ones??

    Hypnocentric |


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