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How To Be A Hypnotist - Video Training Course

Expert Training in Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis, NLP, Complete Mind Therapy, Stress Management, Sales Training, Motivational Classes and Other Related Subjects on How to be a Hypnotist

Learn The Secrets Of Why… 

“There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis”

Ten Ways To Overcome This & Discover How To Be a Hypnotist In Under 12 Hours With These  Unique Training Video’s

How many times have you invested hard earned money into Hypnotic training materials teaching how to be a Hypnotist which promise to give you the “Holy Grail” and reveal to you the True Inside Secrets of Hypnotic Success only to find out that you’ve learned nothing new?


Read on to get a taster of all of the amazing powerful techniques that will be taught to you in a simple step by step manner, leaving no stone unturned and enabling even the novice to achieve advanced Professional Standard with the greatest of ease in the comfort of their own home:

Available here for Instant Viewing Online, On Mobile or Download…or even on DVD


Watching these ten videos – (over 11+ hrs) will teach you absolutely everything you’ll ever need to know on how to be a Hypnotist and set up as a successful Hypnotherapist.  Royle teaches you tried, tested and proven to work advertising & marketing methods, which will reveal to you how to gain Celebrity Clients and Lucrative work for Corporate Companies.

From Suggestion Therapy and Psychotherapy on the one hand, to Royle’s unique approach of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) enabling you to treat most any client, with most any problem within a single session, you will find that watching these video’s will enable you to become both confident and extremely competent in all areas of the mind therapy business.



OK, so you’ve been told that NLP is the most effective treatment method you can learn, well no problem, as on these ten video’s you’ll learn more about using NLP that is of practical use in the real world than many so called NLP Master Practitioners actually know and you’ll learn it in a manner that is both highly effective and extremely entertaining!


After you have learned Royle’s unique approach of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) you will also learn his individual adaptation and unique take on Tom Vizzini’s trademarked “3D Mind” treatment approach and between the two you’ll quite literally have an idiot’s guide to NLP at your fingertips saving you many thousands of Pounds, Dollars or Euros on inferior courses which falsely claim to teach far more.



Royle even teaches you his slant on “Noesitherapy”, a truly mind blowing pain control technique devised by Dr. Angel Escudero of Valencia in Spain which has been featured on world-wide TV including BBC’s “Your Life in Their Hands” documentary series.


Within seconds you’ll be able to ease people’s pain and amazingly, just like Escudero, will be able to use these techniques to enable people to have medical operations and dental work without any form of anaesthetic being used and yet your patients will feel absolutely no pain or discomfort whatsoever.



What’s more, when you’ve discovered how to be a Hypnotist, you’ll discover the powerful strategies of “Pain & Pleasure” therapy which combined with NLP and other more conventional Hypnotic techniques will enable you to eradicate the most extreme Fears and Phobias from your client’s life’s & minds within a matter of seconds.



And just to make sure that your therapeutic tool kit is complete, Royle will teach you his own shortcut approach to learning and using Meridian Therapies such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Freeway CER.


He’ll even reveal to you how to make a fortune treating Sporting Professionals and High Profile Celebrity Clients over the telephone using these powerful, yet incredibly easy to implement and learn treatment techniques.



Perhaps most important of all, Royle reveals how to conduct Group Therapy Sessions, enabling you for example to get an audience of say 100 people to pay you £25+ each to Stop Smoking, resulting in 100 non smokers and £2500+ in your bank account for just over 90 minutes work!


The advertising, marketing & publicity techniques which Royle Reveals on this ten volume video course are worth an absolute fortune and more importantly when used correctly – will earn you one!


From Merchandising at Public Talks to Mail Order Product sales over the Internet on the one hand to gaining Celebrity, Sporting & Corporate Clients on the other – Royle leaves no stone unturned and quite literally teaches techniques never revealed in any other course, which will place you on the right path to becoming a Super Rich Hypnotist.



Once you have watched this entire ten volume video course, comprising well over 11+ hours of intensive information packed training, ploys, strategies and amazing techniques you will in our opinion, know far more about Stage Hypnosis, NLP and Hypnotherapy (that is of practical use in the real world) than most of the so called established Professionals.


As a successful Stage Hypnotist you will demand instant respect from those you meet and massive fees from the clients who book you to perform at events and venues all over the world.


And now for the first time ever, Top British Television & Media Hypnotist Jonathan Royle gives you the chance to learn the true inside secrets of Stage Hypnosis in the comfort of your own home with the release of this amazing set.


What’s more, he’ll not only teach you absolutely everything that you will ever need to know on how to be a Hypnotist both confidently & competently in Stage Hypnotism, but also as an added bonus will reveal to you in a simple step by step manner how to become a successful Hypnotherapist with the greatest of ease.



For the first time ever, Royle Reveals the true (never before revealed) Inside Secrets & Psychological Techniques on how to be a Hypnotist which makes the Stage Hypnotists job as easy as 1,2,3!


Many of Royle’s colleagues have begged him not to make this amazingly powerful information available – however Royle has decided to lift the lid and teach you techniques which have remained (until now) so secretive that many have never before appeared in print or as part of any other training course.



No less than 13 amazing Suggestibility Tests are both demonstrated and then correctly explained in such detail as to guarantee you success each and every time you use them!

Yes… these experiments when carried out the way Royle teaches are 100% guaranteed to work on everybody (even the biggest sceptics) all of the time.

Even established Stage Hypnotists of many years experience could learn an awful lot from this section of the videos alone and as an absolute beginner these videos will take you to advanced Professional Standard with ease.



A total of 16 tried, tested and proven to work Induction Techniques are first demonstrated and then taught in a simple step by step manner ensuring that you have an armoury of techniques at your fingertips to enable you to place most any person into “TRANCE” in most any situation.


Some of the methods taught are also suitable for use in Hypnotherapy, whereas the “World Record Induction” enabling you to place over 30+ people into trance in less than 60 Seconds is more suited to stage use.


Many of the Induction’s taught on these videos have never appeared in print (except in manuals by Royle himself) and therefore even the most established Stage Hypnotists will learn an amazing amount of detailed information from this course.



In short, Royle teaches you absolutely everything you need to know from the moment you start advertising your Hypnotic Show to the moment you walk on stage and make your introduction all the way through to the time when you take your final bow, walk off stage and collect your well deserved fee!


Becoming a Successful Stage Hypnotist is easy when you know how and after watching this ten volume video training course you’ll know more than many so called established Professionals.



As if that’s not enough, Royle also discusses in depth The 1952 Hypnotism Act, 1989 Home Office Guidelines on Stage Hypnosis and the 1996 UK Government Review on Stage Hypnosis and then goes on to suggest from his own personal experience, ways to circumvent the laws enabling you to legally perform a demonstration of Stage Hypnosis anytime, anyplace, anywhere! And perhaps most important of all, Royle discusses how to legally insure yourself against any potential compensation claims in the safest way possible.


Then you also get the astonishing secrets of HYPNO TRICKS

Also as an extraordinary special reward Royle additionally shows a sum of 24+ yes you read that accurately, an aggregate of 24+ “Hypno Tricks” which are tricks and schedules which can be performed on anybody (counting doubters) which are 100% ensured to work and which appear both to the group of onlookers and aiding volunteer to be a genuine presentation of Hypnosis, when in truth no honest to goodness Hypnosis is utilized at all.

These are the sorts of tricks & methods utilized by individuals like Mind Control Experts and Television Stars to make their notoriety, in reality you will learn enough “Hypno Tricks” to perform a 90 minutes show utilizing these insider facts with this segment of the instructional class alone.

Here are a few of illustrations of the strategies you will learn:

  • THE GIRL THAT CANNOT BE LIFTED – Two separate techniques to perform this routine made well known as of late
  • HOT HEAT REVEALED – Two completely distinctive approaches to perform this unbelievable trick whereby a bit of foil gets to be super hot in the ownership of a volunteer but then is ordinary temperature in your grasp.

    This dependably persuades everybody you are a real.Hypnotist or Psychic and one of the strategies taught utilizes no chemicals and is totally protected

  • THE HUMAN PINCUSHION – The valid inside mysteries of Bloodless Surgery empowering you to copy the “Syringe through a Volunteers hand” explore different avenues regarding the best of straightforwardness and wellbeing
  • THE ASBESTOS MAN – Systematic instructions to evidently place volunteers into a moment stupor state with the goal that they feel truly no agony at all as you smolder all the hairs off their exposed body utilizing a blowtorch

What’s more – That’s JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG

  • ICE TO SEE YOU ICE – Otherworldly healer Mathew Manning has utilized this examination including a basin of ice on a few TV shows. You’ll figure out how to make the volunteers feel no ache as they keep their hand submerged in ice cool water for an amazingly long measure of time
  • THE INSTANT PSYCHIC – Comparable essentially to Banacheks “Psychokinetic Touches”, Royle uncovers how he transforms a crowd of people into apparent Psychics utilizing Hypnosis. British Spiritualist Nathan Demdyke has been utilizing a routine like this for quite a long time and Psychic News have on numerous events announced him as real in their articles
  • DEAD OR ALIVE – An astounding exhibition of Hypnosis whereby you turn into the living dead as individuals affirm that your heart beat has halted
  • THE ABNORMAL LIFT – Royle’s positively mesmerizing presentation for this astounding trick, which Uri Geller has performed various times on TV. Under Hypnosis, four volunteers get to be super solid as they lift the heaviest individual in the room high into the air utilizing just their fingertips
  • THE HUMAN BRIDGE – When you’ve established how to be a Hypnotist Royle uncovers the valid inside privileged insights of securely performing purported Hypnotic Full Body Catalepsy whereby the entranced volunteer’s body gets to be hardened and unbending as they are suspended over the backs of two seats (lower legs on one and shoulders on other) before you stand on them or have a few individuals sit on them


  • SYNCHRONICITY INDUCTION – Systematic instructions to clearly put any volunteer into a trancelike stupor state by setting their hand over their face and afterward down into their lap
  • SMASHED AS A SKUNK – Privileged insights to empower you to obviously make any volunteer get as intoxicated as a skunk by drinking none alcoholic beverages and watching their conduct which is profoundly humorous
  • THE INSTANT STRONGMAN – Different schedules, which empower you to in a split second, transform the weakest looking female in the room into a mamoth super lady as she destroys the abilities of a few men twice her size with comical results
  • IS IT ACCURATE TO SAY IS HE A MAN OR A MOUSE? – A few systems empowering you to transform the strongest husky hard man into the weakest individual in the room, Royle has had groups of onlookers in tears of delight utilizing these specific strategies


To make your understanding of how to be a Hypnotist for Stage Hypnosis complete, Royle even shows you the influential privileged insights of “The Dual Reality Principle” and afterward happens to exhibit it in activity!

Utilizing this minimal known system which has been neatly monitored for a considerable length of time, you will have the capacity to direct a whole Stage Hypnosis Show utilizing truly NO STOOGES – Everyone who volunteers (even doubters) will accept they have been Hypnotized and the crowd will be persuaded they have seen a honest to goodness Hypnotic Show but then NO GENUINE HYPNOSIS IS USED!


The arrival of this Ten Volume (11+ Hrs) feature instructional class by Dr Jonathan Royle Phd has officially sent shockwaves through the Hypnotic Industry.

Not amazing when you consider that most of the ploys, privileged insights & systems uncovered inside this set have never been uncovered previously either on feature, in any book or to be sure at any instructional class or workshop run by any other individual

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