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2 Day Hypnosis & NLP Diploma Course


Attend Live in Person or Online Via Zoom Video Conferencing

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April 2018.

9-30am until approx 5-30pm UK GMT both days

Fuller details of what you will learn and receive are at the link of BUT DO NOT BUY FROM THAT LINK as tickets are much cheaper here.

  As stated in the video you can attend this event Live in Person at Future House Therapy Centre on South Place in Chesterfield near Derbyshire in England or you can attend online using the Zoom Video Conferencing Platform.

REMEMBER –  There are only 10 tickets available at this massive discount price and even if you cannot attend in person or find the time to attend online, the event is being filmed and the videos will be added to the members area, to which you gain lifetime access within 72 hours of the event ending. So it is worth getting a ticket just to get into the Bootcamp
which would usually cost you $4997 – £3550+ or 4058 Euros to join.

THE BOOTCAMP – For those lucky enough to secure one of the 10 tickets, you will also get a Secret Web Link, together with an Exclusive username and password giving you lifetime membership to the Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp within the members area of which you will gain access to each and every Product, Course and Business Building tool that I have ever released (every item from all 5 pages located at ) over the past 28+ years.

As stated in the video, please don’t take our word for it that this is by far the best investment you will ever make into your Hypnosis Career, but instead take a look at some of the many thousands of testimonials that Royle’s Courses have received from people all over the world here:

AMAZING – Remember that when you grab one of these 10 tickets, inside the Bootcamp Members area you will find videos of every single event that all of the people are positively raving about at the links above.

So what are you waiting for, we only have 10 tickets available and when they are gone they are gone for good…

It does not matter where you are in the world as you can either attend online via Zoom or wait until after the event for the videos to be added to the Bootcamp Members Area, or you can of course attend live in person if your able to make it to Chesterfield, near Derby, United Kindom

Special Limited Negotiated Discount Offer

For The Hypnosis Zone customers

Reduced from £294.89!

Never to be repeated


Get instant access to 3 FREE video’s teaching different aspects of Hypnosis.

You will also learn Royle’s unique treatment approach of Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT) which can be used to help you M.E.L.T your clients problems away in a matter of a few short minutes with ease.


This is also the Only Live Training Course in the World where you can become a Diploma Bearing Certified Practitioner of Complete Unconscious Reprogramming of Emotional Disease/Distress – (C.U.R.E.D) which means you will be able to offer all your clients the C.U.R.E for their issues with Complete Unconscious Reprogramming of their Emotions.


Along the way, you will also learn all of the until now most jealously guarded secrets of the Comedy Stage Hypnotists and discover how to use these Rapid & Instant Hypnotic Induction techniques within your work as a Mind Therapy Practitioner.


Indeed after the event you will walk away with back up training materials and post course support materials which themselves are worth many times the small cost of attending alone.


On top of all that, you will also gain access to numerous Invaluable Resources, Business Building tools and Training Aids that it is impossible to purchase individually and can only be obtained by attending this Unique & Unrivalled Live Training Event.


You will also become one of the first people in the World to ever receive Live In Person training in the new Cutting Edge Psychological Treatment Approaches which are used under the umbrella name of “Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques” – (M.E.L.T)which can also stand for Mental Elimination of Life’s Troubles or Make Everyone’s Life Trauma-free and are so powerful that they can, often change people’s life for the better in the matter of a few short minutes.


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