How To Become Psychic

How Many Times Have You Seen Those Amazing Stage Psychics & Clairvoyants On TV And Wondered - How The Hell Do They Do That With Their Psychic Abilities?

Now You Can Easily Become A Certified Professional Psychic Consultant & Fortune Telling Expert Able To Earn Massive £££/$$$ With Your New Psychic Abilities Within Seven Days!…

Psychic & Cold Reading Secrets Exposed

Your New Psychic Abilities Will Astound and Astonish

Easily and effectively duplicate those amazing Stage Performers such as Derren Brown, Uri Geller, Derek Acorah, Colin Fry, John Edwards to name but a few

3 Explosive Videos Plus Optional Training Courses

Jonathan Royle was featured many times in Psychic News who dubbed him as “The New Uri Geller and Doris Stokes rolled into one!”

His Bizarre Psychic Talents of Human Belly Button and Dogs Paw Reading have been featured in most all National Daily & Sunday Newspapers, numerous magazines and all over the world on various Television and Radio Stations, in other words, Royle’s methods have all been tried, tested and proven to work in the real world and now for the first time ever he blows the lid on the true inside secrets of Psychic Entertainment!

You will also be shown how conducting Psychic Readings is the perfect sideline business to generate even more clients and profits for NLP’ers, Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Hypnosis Consultants and Complete Mind Therapists.

Indeed this is a must study course for all students of Psychology.

  Amongst the numerous techniques to give you all the psychic abilities you will ever need are:

  • How to learn the meanings of all 78 Tarot Cards in less than an hour
  • How to become, with your psychic abilities, a Confident and Competent Tarot Card Reader in less than seven days
    Easily remember the divination meanings for any standard deck of 52 playing cards and learn how to give Professional Psychic Readings with these
  • You’ll discover the shortcut method to using Numerology in your readings as used successfully by Royle himself for many years
  • Be amazed at the simplicity of “The Royle System” for giving accurate Astrology and Star Sign Readings to people you have just met
  • Discover the Lazy Man’s Approach to successful Palmistry and Hand Reading Analysis
    [li]Learn Powerful Cold Reading and Hot Reading Techniques which will make you look like a true super psychic phenomenon and help to establish you as the most accurate and in demand Fortune Telling Psychic in your area
  • We’ll expose the jealously guarded method used by many top professional Psychics to ensure that you have Laser Sharp Accuracy in all your readings and you’ll realise how this technique can be used to read Tarot Cards, or even give readings using Aura’s, Astrology, Chakra’s, Palmistry, Crystal Gazing, Dream Interpretation, Runes, Graphology, Gemstone Readings, Psychometry or indeed any form of divination you so desire
  • You’ll even learn time tested approaches to obtaining all of the FREE Television, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Exposure that you’ll need for your new Psychic Business to be hugely successful and make an income far in excess of many other professions

As a special bonus  the optional training course also includes numerous other books, manuals and courses on all areas of GENUINE & ENTERTAINMENT style Psychic Readings. (This is a $50 value included)

We’ll even include THREE BONUS BOOKS by Dr. Brian Howard (formerly known as Hobrin & Merlin Master of the Tarot) which will in conjunction with the videos enable you to get your Psychic Consultation Business started with ease earning big profits from day one!

Consider the fact that World Famous Psychic Richard Webster stated of Hobrins Course, “Gemstone Reading For Profit”, how wonderful and powerful its contents are and you’ll realise then how valuable these three EXCLUSIVE manuals will prove to be. Indeed many have said their contents are worth several times the entire cost of this video and training course complete home study course.

Usual Combined Retail Cost of these manuals would be $60

To complete your studies in all things Magickal and Psychic, included in the course text a copy of Dr. Jonathan Royle’s best selling book “Confessions Of A Celebrity Psychic” which alone retails for $40 from major bookstores.

Inside the pages of this mindblowing publication you’ll discover all Royle’s Publicity Generating Psychic Abilities Secrets, his unique and effective lazy mans method of “Cold Reading” and most everything you need to know in order to present a complete demonstration of so called “Mind Control”,  “Mentalism” or “Psychic Skills” including Uri Geller Style Metal Bending and other reputation making feats.

And as bizarre as it may sound, Royle will also expose exactly how to use his Unique Bizarre and Wacky approaches of Belly Button Reading (Navel-Gazing) – Dogs Paw Reading (Pawology) – Hose Pipe Reading (For Relationships) – Psychic Tree Slapping – Tea Bag Reading and other crazy sounding Psychic Fortune Telling Systems which have gained Royle Numerous TV & Media Features with some of the Worlds Top Celebrities.


  • With your new Psychic Abilities You’ll make Spoons, Forks and other Metal objects visibly bend, twist, melt and snap right in front of your audiences eyes apparently using mind power alone! Yes using the techniques in this course you’ll be able to perform Miracles of Metal Bending which may put even Uri Geller to shame
  • Using Your New Psychic Abilities Do Navel-Gazing which is the name given to the bizarre talent of examining a volunteers belly button, to reveal their past, present and future with the most amazing and accurate results you could possibly imagine
  • Demonstrate Navel-Healing which is Jonathan’s unique approach to Psychic Healing via the belly button, which incredibly, does seem to have worked in an amazing number of cases
  • Perform Navel Mind Reading which is Royle’s unique presentation of so called “Mind Control” and “Thought Reading” which he appears to achieve by studying his volunteers Belly Buttons
  • Use Royle’s unique approach to bending Coins & Keys, which when used correctly will leave them sleepless in amazement for weeks
  • Discover Royle’s “Lazy Mans Guide to Astrology” which will enable you to give accurate detailed Astrological readings on TV, over the phone or on radio, face to face in person, as part of your Mind Reading act or even as part of a newspaper or magazine column with the greatest of ease
  • Learn sure fire Cold Reading secrets & techniques which are both easy to learn and put into practice both as part of your Mentalism routines and also for use in one to one readings or even apparent Stage Clairvoyance Shows
  • With a modicum of common sense, use the Unique Cold Reading techniques revealed by Royle, along with the other secrets & ploys taught within this course to successfully move into Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Tea Leaf Reading, Crystal-Gazing, Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Gem Stone reading and in fact most any form of Psychic Divination and/or fortune telling that you wish
  • Find out how Royle uses a Mentalists Clipboard to achieve apparent Miracles and discover how his handling of this device has been used by him numerous times on Live Television & Radio shows to convince people he is a genuine Psychic & Clairvoyant.  This is using the psychic abilities to the maximum

  • Pawology, which is the name Royle has given to the bizarre talent of studying a Dogs Paw to reveal its Past, Present and Future much to the amazement of the Dogs owners who confirm everything to be correct. Royle’s Palm Reading for Dogs has been featured on Television & Radio shows around the world
  • Various full routines which have been tried & tested in the real world, and which are ideal for use separately within your existing Mentalism Routine or may be combined together giving you enough material within this course to present a full evening stage show of Mentalism, Mind Reading, Psychic Demonstrations and so called Mind Control Experiments
  • Numerous techniques which can be used anytime, anyplace, anywhere, whether on the street, in public, on stage or even performing close up in a restaurant, which will enable you to apparently read minds, predict events before they happen and demonstrate other mind blowing Psychic Miracles
  • For the first time ever Royle also reveals his ridiculously easy to perform yet stunningly effective Book Test using just a couple of magazines, clever use of linguistics AND A LOT OF CHEEK
  • Royle Reveals in a simple step by step manner how to both perform his bizarre techniques of Astrology for Animals, Hose Pipe Reading, Tea Bag Reading, Tree Slapping & Tree Hugging amongst others and also how to gain Millions of £££/$$$ in FREE TV, Radio, Newspaper & Magazine Publicity for your Psychic Acts and Talents, whilst at the same time earning an absolute fortune from appearance and interview fees, along with merchandising
  • Learn Royle’s Top Five Favourite Psychic Routines for performing on Live Television and Radio Shows, which when used as explained will have the TV or Radio Station phone lines jammed and will get you rebooked onto the same TV/Radio shows on a regular basis with the greatest of ease
  • Three Publicity Stunts which are practically guaranteed to get anyone who uses them widespread TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine coverage, thus raising your profile and performance fees are also detailed in a simple step by step manner leaving no stone unturned and guiding you to ultimate success
  • Learn a drawing duplication effect which uses two volunteers, two ordinary pads and pens, some clever linguistics and results in a truly mind-blowing and reputation making demonstration of apparent telepathy! This one routine detailed along with the actual words used by Royle is worth many times the entire cost of this course alone
  • Discover numerous other secrets, ploys & techniques many of which have never appeared in any other training course before (such as routines you can use to instantly prove your powers as a Spiritual Healer) and learn how Royle used the techniques in this course to become a Psychic Abilities Consultant to many International Household Name Sporting, Television, Movie, Music and Media Celebrities (including The Spice Girls, Madonna & Frank Bruno amongst many others) all of whom were amazed by his uncannily accurate readings

Even as a beginner in the Psychic Reading Business you can easily charge $40 for a 30 minute consultation, that’s around $80 per hour you could be earning from day one.  And when you consider that many Celebrity Psychic’s earn in excess of $200 per hour this truly is a lucrative business to enter with the realistic potential to earn you $200,000 a year or more working part time hours with your new psychic abilities.

Whether you are a genuine (shut eye) believer of all things Psychic or are already knowledgeable in areas such as Cold & Hot Reading, Magic, Mentalist and Mind Control Methods there is something of major value for everyone on this unique home study course comprising three videos and a bumper course of books, manuals and courses.

Oh and did we mention… that we’ll explain techniques enabling you to start running you own highly profitable “Most Haunted” style paranormal investigation ghost hunting events enabling you to perhaps earn in excess of $2,000+ for each event!

By the way we show you how to guarantee that people WILL SEE A GHOST, in fact they could even walk away with photographs and/or video footage of the Ghost they see if you do as we advise.

Consider that past comments about Brian Howard’s (Hobrin’s) Fortune Telling and Cold Reading Works have included:
“Timely, due to the crystal and stone craze.” 

– Bascom Jones, Magick

And the documents included in the training course by Royle have attracted such praise as:

To get these Psychic Abilities elsewhere could cost you a fortune:

“The methods that Jonathan explains are both practical and professional and indeed for the modern publicity and success seeking Psychic Entertainer they should prove invaluable! Royle made his name almost a household word in the UK and in his book he generously reveals his bizarre and unique methods, for the very first time! I feel that all Mentalists, Psychics and Hypnotists can learn much from his modern & pioneering approach!”


“Mr Royles suggestions, advice and routines are solid, practical and seem to be grounded in experience! Someone who tried this approach would probably recoup their investment quite quickly and its true to say that Jonathan Royle has used the techniques he reveals to garner an awful lot of Publicity”


If you are a Psychic Entertainer or Reader looking for something novel to add to your repertoire that will get you noticed then this is the book for you! If you’d rather not get great advice on how to gather lots of Free Media Publicity for your talents then bypass this book!

As far as readings is concerned you will learn about Belly Button Reading and Pet Paw Readings. His method of Belly Button Reading – nicely named as Navel Gazing – is a case study of how to take a standard New Age belief (such as Chakra Points) and turn them into a convincing, commercial and fun method of reading.

You may not take up Navel Gazing Yourself but you will certainly be inspired to come up with your own original reading methods. This is also the first time I’ve seen mention of Psychic Healing in a text for Mentalist’s and his handling of it is something I find acceptable. You don’t make any outrageous claims and what you do could well actually help people!

What’s great in particular about this book is that it doesn’t just give you some great “how tos” but also tells you WHAT to do with the methods & psychic Abilities. You’ll find out how he has successfully used his methods of Belly Button Reading and Paw Reading for pets to regularly get on Radio, Television and to get lots of features in National Newspapers and Magazines.

As if learning how to read Belly Buttons and Dog’s Paws isn’t enough you also get a heap of stunts suitable for the Psychic Entertainer that are practically guaranteed to get you noticed! Whilst some of them may not be entirely original, Jonathan gives them an update and puts his own unique spin on them. Some of them are risky however and it has to be said you’d need to be pretty sure of your aims to want to carry them out.

Where else would you find valuable information on publicity gaining gems as “Hosepipe Readings” or creating designer babies by Astrology?

All in all, this is a valuable resource for anyone interested in gaining a reputation as a Psychic Wonder Worker – Royle’s Cold Reading methods are amazingly simple and yet uncannily effective & Powerful!

Member of The Mentalist’s Asylum – Yahoo Newsgroup

His knowledge emanates from the page, and enthuses the reader with new ideas, principles and concepts that would otherwise have not been apparent.

The originality of thought that he injects into each stage of the courses he has written, means that any purchaser simply has to attempt the techniques which are contained inside, to be assured of success.

He is a confident and calming tutor, you just know that whatever questions you may have will be answered within the body of his eminent texts, and that your education will be a full and thorough one.

Jonathan clearly scribes, with detail and effort, in such a manner as to inspire and to give you that ‘Eureka’ moment. That’s the moment when, at last, you fully understand what has been eluding you and that has failed to be taught to you, in some so-called ‘manuals’ on the subject.

Everything is written in a language, which we all can understand, and in a 
manner which makes pleasant and stimulating reading. I would unreservedly recommend any Psychic and/or Hypnotic training product by Royle!


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