How To Become a Hypnotist - Little Known Techniques Exposed

Learn The Secrets Of How to Become a Hypnotist Ultimate NLP Mind Therapy & Hypnosis Other Trainers Either Don't Know Or Won't Teach...Direct From The USA

Give This Top Hypnotist Just 3 Days & He Will Show You How To Become a Hypnotist &  Turn You Into a Confident, Competent & Powerful Complete Mind Therapist & NLP Hypnotherapy Practitioner of Psychological Talking Therapies

How To Become a Hypnotist

 This Truly Amazing Intensive Masterclass Course Teaching How To Become A Hypnotist Will Take Even The Complete Novice To Advanced Master Practitioner Level With Ease And Will Even Teach The Established Professional Therapist New Tricks

Check out just some of the comments from delegates who attended this event and discover the secrets which could enable you to earn a substantial income with ease as a high demand, successful Mind Therapy Practitioner

Massive 19 Video Set + Optional Courses - How To Become A Hypnotist

This truly amazing and unrivalled intensive accelerated learning practical hands on training masterclass is unreservedly recommended.

Whether you are a complete novice wanting to enter a rewarding new career or if you’re an established professional Mind Therapist and/or Practitioner of any style of Psychological Talking Therapies.

Become A True Master Of Speed Clinical NLP Hypnotherapy

During the course Royle will also demonstrate and teach you in a simple manner, several amazing Speed Hypnosis Inductions including Robert Temple’s High Speed Deep Trance “See-Saw” Induction, The Classic Erickson & Bandler Handshake Pattern Interrupt and Several other highly effective induction methods.

You will also learn tried, tested and proven to work Clinical Hypnotherapy approaches to treating Eczema, Psoriasis and other Skin Complaints

Just some of the many techniques you will learn on this course

  • Numerous ways to rapidly & permanently eliminate any habits or addictions from your clients mind, body & life with ease
  • The world’s fastest & most effective ways to rapidly eradicate any fears, phobias or OCD’s which may have once bothered you or your clients in the past
  • Several ways to overcome any and all emotional problems and issues, including Royle’s own unique approaches which are not taught anywhere else
  • Learn the powerful techniques of Royle’s “Virtual Gastric Band – The Complete Mind Therapy Approach” and see your Weight Loss and Weight Management success rates soar through the roof
  • The most effective Pain Control & Instant Psychological Anesthesia methods you will ever learn and examples of using them in Dental Work and even in Medical Emergency Situations whilst also being of great use for various Pain Related Health Complaints
  • Amazing Creative Visualization Techniques which can be used to successfully help anybody come to terms with and perhaps even in many circumstances overcome even serious medical health issues
  • Powerful techniques to overcome practically every single health problem or illness which you will ever be presented with by your clients from A Thru to Z

The approaches used by Royle to have his therapeutic interactions with “Analyse This” & “Analyse That” Hollywood Film Stars Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal featured in America’s largest readership Daily Newspaper U.S.A Today.

How Royle has worked in an often life changing manner and been featured in most all UK National Daily & Sunday Tabloid & Broadsheet Newspapers and numerous high profile international magazines utilizing his “Mind Skills” and teaching how to become a hypnotist.

Here’s Even More Invaluable Skills You’ll Learn:

  • The practical advertising, marketing & promotion techniques which act like Diamond Coated Bullet’s to sky rocket your Corporate Client data base and business profits as a Mind Therapist
  • Master the rapid & instant NLP Hypnotic Induction Strategies used by Royle whilst working with Premiership Football Clubs
  • Learn powerful “Real World” Sports Psychology Techniques from the man who has used his “mind skills” on Boxer Frank Bruno, now ex-Snooker Player turned Comedian Sean Meo, Olympic Medalist Swimmer Sharron Davis and hypnotised many of the players from professional football clubs
  • Discover the ways in which Royle has used his “Mind Skills” on major television shows working with and alongside such stars as John Barrowman (Doctor Who & Torchwood), Denise Van Outen (Presenter & West End Musical Star), Mark Lammar (Comedian), Terry Christian (Celebrity Big Brother Finalist), Lowry Turner (Celebrity Fit Club), Jon Bentley (The Gadget Show) and many more

Royle also reveals every nuance of his own unique one session treatment structure of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) with which you will instantly be able to successfully treat most any person, with most any problem from A through to Z in much the same manner as Royle has for members of the public, A-List celebrities and other high profile names from around the world for many years

Then to continue the mammoth how to become a Hypnotist training there is

Speed Hypnosis & NLP

Learn The True Secrets Of How to Become a Hypnotist for Comedy Stage & Rapid Street Hypnosis

Intensive Hands On Practical Inductions For Clinical, Street or Stage Applications

The proven ways (used by all the Famous TV Hypnotists) to gain instant rapport with complete strangers in a matter of seconds making it as easy as 1,2,3 to turn them into excellent responsive Hypnotic Subjects

  • The 3 Key Steps To Gaining Instant & Rapid Trance States
  • The 7 Power Secrets of Stage – Street & Clinical Hypnosis Success
  • The 4 corners of “The Hypnotic Square” & how these will make you a far better, faster & more confident Hypnotist
  • The 5 most powerful Suggestibility Tests in the world and how to do them correctly to ensure maximum success every time (most trainers and books don’t teach these correctly and then wonder why they don’t work every time for them or their students)
  • The 12 fastest & most powerfully effective Rapid & Instant Induction Methods ever devised which work in the real world with ease
  • Effective & psychologically powerful advertising, marketing and promotional techniques for the Stage & Street Hypnotist and also for the NLP Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
  • How to structure an effective Pre-Talk which covers you legally, ethically and morally whilst also ensuring that all who volunteer will fall into a deep Hypnotic Trance state in a matter of seconds with ease


  • The true secrets of “Dual” & “Multiple” Realities and how these have been used by the worlds leading Stage – Street & Clinical Hypnotists since the dawn of time –you won’t find these secrets in any book as they have been jealously guarded by the Top Pro’s for decades due to their devastating effectiveness
  • Royle’s little known secrets of “Magical Hypnosis” which involves an electronic gimmick easily made for less than $5 which will when used always GUARANTEE you success in “Hypnotising” even the most resistant, awkward and/or sceptical subjects
  • Discover the true inside secrets of so called “Hypnosis Without Trance” and so called “Waking Hypnosis” how it works, why it works and how you can do it with ease
  • You’ll learn the 100% silent non verbal Hand Shake Induction whereby within seconds of meeting people you can have them dropping (safely) to the floor like flies and remember you don’t say a word to them
  • Discover the 60 second “Tom Bolton” Induction which never fails and works effectively on even the biggest non believers
  • Learn how to become a hypnotist with Robert Temple’s & Jonathan Royles amazing “See-Saw Rapid Induction” which has been road tested in the real world, it never fails, works even in the noisiest environments and gets them into a truly deep responsive trance state in well under a minute, indeed using this technique you could place a stage full of a dozen or more subjects into trance in less than one minute for the whole group


  • You’ll learn numerous advanced Rapid and Instant Induction Methods enabling you to confidently and competently approach complete strangers and have them in Deep Hypnotic Trance States in literally a matter of seconds
  • Royle will also reveal to you exactly how & why effective inductions methods work in a matter of seconds and will in a simple step by step manner teach you how to create your own unique induction methods which are guaranteed to work far better than the majority of inductions which others may teach once you understand these key secrets of Hypnotic Induction Success
  • The worlds fastest and most effective Trance Deepening Techniques are also taught in minute detail
  • Master the true Art of Post Hypnotic Suggestions and discover how to make your subjects more responsive than ever before
  • Discover how to eliminate problems and issues from peoples lives in a matter of minutes, indeed sometimes even seconds using methods that no other hypnosis trainer is teaching
  • Structuring & devising your Hypnosis routines for maximum laughter & entertainment whilst also ensuring 100% safety for all involved
  • Using your skills effectively to run hugely profitable Group Smoking Cessation – Weight Loss – Confidence Boosting and Phobia Removal Seminars
  • How to correctly use props and music within your performance both on Stage and in Street situations to make your show far more entertaining and also to increase your success at hypnotising people in seconds whilst also turning every subject you meet into a true star

You will also learn how to safely, legally and effectively deal with abreactions.

Exactly what to do when nobody volunteers to take part in your Stage or Street Hypnosis Show.  It will happen one day and when it does you’ll be delighted that you learnt how to turn such situations to your advantage, how to still do an entertaining show and of course ensure that you get paid.

How to deal with Hecklers, Awkward Subjects and those people who slip out of trance or want to try and disrupt your Street or Stage Hypnosis shows and most importantly how to turn such situations to your advantage in a manner whereby it makes your performance even more entertaining and effective.

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