Ultimate Mentalism Routine Techniques - Audience Tested

Here is an amazing audience tested mind blowing Mentalism Routine which has been honed to perfection.

Every psychological & psychical ploy, verbal patter lines relevant to its success and of course the methodology of the effects themselves are all explained in great detail in this Ultimate Mentalism Routine

What follows is a 100% fair and honest description of what takes place and what the audience see, however please note in actual performance the routine is even most impressive than it sounds here, as no words can do justice to the visual and psychological beauty of the mentalism routines perfection.


Read on for the most amazing Mentalism routine I’ve ever had the joy of performing which I Jonathan Royle developed in conjunction with an underground ideas man David Turner and have honed to perfection so that you can slot it directly into your show.


This mentalism routine has been honed to perfection and was inspired by a combination of ideas by Max Maven, Ali Bongo, Al Koran, Aldo Colombini, Simon Arrason, Marc Paul and numerous other tops names.


The end result is greater than the sum of its parts and well I’ll let you decide, oh and when you’ve read this, I’d appreciate it greatly if you could let other Magic Newsgroups know about it, such as Magic Café etc


 The Chaos Reality Effect
The Astonishing Mentalism Routine 


In clear view of the audience the Psychic Entertainer picks up a clear tub containing screwed up balls of paper which he explains there are 18 of, which are all blank.

Then he picks up a large writing pad and a black marker pen and is seen to draw a large cross onto the first sheet, which is then torn off, screwed up and added to the box.


This is then repeated with a second sheet, the audience seeing the black cross being drawn onto the sheet and then seeing the cross on the sheet as its screwed up and added to the box of paper balls.


The performer now has a box containing 20 screwed up balls of paper of which the audience know that TWO contain a Large Black Cross on their interior and have been told that the other 18 are blank inside.


After explaining that you will make everything in the next experiment as random as possible, you draw attention to a large envelope which has been in full view of the audience from the start of the show and state that you’ll be coming back to that later.


You then throw the contents of the clear plastic container into the audience so that the 20 paper balls fly out amongst the crowd and you tell the audience that whoever is nearest to a paper ball on the floor should pick it up and open the ball to see if there is a black cross inside.

Eighteen people find no crosses and so are told to sit down, however two people find black crosses inside their papers and as such are requested to come and join you on stage.


For the sake of this example we’ll say that one of the people is female and one is male, although obviously the actual outcome would be different at each and every show due to the random nature of selection.


Its is explained that the shows organiser (The Company Boss for example) has in his possession some decks of playing cards which he obtained before the show and has been keeping safe until they were needed.


The Company Boss is introduced on stage and confirms that he got the random selection of decks of cards before the show and has been keeping them safe until they were required now!


He is instructed to place the plastic carrier bag of cards onto the table, take out the receipt, place it in his pocket and take a bow as he leaves the stage to another round of applause.


In this example, lets say that the on stage male is then handed the plastic bag and told to empty the contents out onto the table discovering that the bag contains several decks of playing cards all of which are of different designs and of different back colours.


The performer asks the volunteer to select a deck of cards again in an apparently chaotic and random manner so that the end result lets say for this example is that a Red Backed Bicycle deck is chosen to be used in the experiment.


The on stage female is also asked to select any deck of cards by simply picking up whichever deck she wants to use off the table.


The female is then told to remove cellophane from the box, remove the cards from the deck and remove the cellophane from the cards, then hand you the deck which you proceed to shuffle up into a random order before handing them back to her.


She is then instructed to cut the cards several times so that nobody could know what order they are in and told to give out 5 cards to members of the audience which she does at random.


She then returns to the stage and you tell those in audience to look at their cards and just remember the number or letter on the corner of the card as you will attempt to get this correct as you tell them to project this number or letter to you using their third eye, projecting it like a blue beam of light towards the stage as they stand up in front of their seat.


One by one you get the letters or numbers correct, each time the person sits down to indicate that the number or letter is correct its another applause cue for the audience.


After the third person you stumble on the fourth and say you’ll come back to them later, then of course you get the fifth person correct and they sit down.


You return to the fourth person and tell them to concentrate more clearly and then suddenly you blurt out “I See the Two of Diamonds – It’s the Two of Diamonds”


This is confirmed to be correct and because you’ve finished by getting the suit and also number or letter it heightens the applause even more!


You explain this was just a warm up for the hardest chaotic and most random experiment that you have ever attempted, which is next.


The man is then told to remove the cellophane from his deck and his deck from its case, check they are all different, give them a shuffle and then hand them to the lady on stage who is also to give them a thorough mix up and shuffle.


This happens and then the lady is told to replace the cards into the box and place a strong elastic band around them from top to bottom to stop the cards falling out if they were thrown out into the audience.


When she has done this she is told to toss the cards out to anybody in the audience as again this keeps the chaos and total randomness theme going.


The person who catches them is told to remove the cards from box and shuffle them so they are in an entirely random order, then they are to replace them in the case and replace the elastic band as it was, before tossing the deck to someone else.


The performer explains this will happen a total of three times in all and when the final of the three randomly selected seated audience members has done his or her mixing the cards are replaced by them into the box, the elastic band replaced and the cards thrown back up to the stage, where they land on the floor and remain for now untouched.


The man on stage is then told to guard the large envelope prediction with his life and ensure that nobody gets anywhere near it.


The female on stage is now told that she will create the final element of Chaos and Randomness, the box of randomly chosen and randomly shuffled and mixed cards is then picked up, the female positioned on the correct area of the stage and the cards removed from the box and handed to her to hold.


She is instructed to place the cards behind her back out of site and give them one final mix, which she does.


Then you explain that you want her to cut a small section off the deck or in other words take about a third of the deck and in a few moments when you count to three, on the count of three she is to immediately bring out the hand holding the approx. third of the deck and throw the cards up into the air letting them fall randomly and visually to the floor.


You count to three and she does this for the first time, this is then repeated a second and third time, until the entire deck is all over the stage, some cards face up and some cards face down.


The female is then told to collect up all the cards which are face up, pick them up from the floor and place them on the table before you, which she does as you recap briefly on the whole randomness and chaos of the selections and situations which have occurred so far.


Once all the cards which landed face up are on the table she is told to look at the cards and think of just one of them, which she does.


 Then without anything being written down, you tell her exactly which card she was merely thinking of…and the audience will go mad with applause.


The audience think the experiment is over, however there is still much more mentalism to come…

The man is then instructed to open the envelope and remove its contents, this he does and finds a second envelope, he is told to do this and he finds a third envelope and finally inside this he find a large folded prediction which has a smaller envelope paper clipped to it.

You ask for the small envelope to be handed to you, which it is and say you’ll come to that later.

The lady is told that the man will read each section of the prediction out one by one and that after reading each section she is to check the cards on the table and confirm to the audience if the prediction is right.

The man reads the prediction and for example it says:


All of theses statements are found to be 100% correct
The Master Mentalism Expert in Action

Once again the audience go wild with applause as you send the man back to his seat, but tell him to remain standing where he is at his seat in the audience so everyone can see him.

When the applause dies down the lady is handed the smaller envelope and asked to tear it open, remove the contents and throw the envelope away, which she does.

She is then told to read out the contents slowly and clearly in aloud voice so all can hear and the man in the audience is told to sit down if the information about him is correct…the prediction is read and for example it says:

I Jonathan Royle do on this evening of Saturday November 27th get the feeling as I sit writing this in my hotel before going to tonight’s mentalism show, that a strange series of events will happen as follows:

  • A man approximtely 5ft 10″ in height wearing jeans and a striped jumper will end up assisting me on stage – I also feel the names Trevor and Joanne are linked to this man

At this point the man confirms this is correct and his name is Trevor and his daughter’s name is Joanne

  • His birthday will be August 13th and he will have 2 rings on his fingers

This again is confirmed as correct

  • My second assistant will be a lady and her birthday will be January 7th

She confirms this is correct

  • My male assistant will have randomly chosen the Red Backed Bicycle deck of cards and at this point will hopefully sit down as my predictions will have been correct and the audience will give him a round of applause

He sits down to loud applause

  • My second assistant who will now be reading this hopefully correct series of predictions will be highly intelligent, with a great sense of humour, they are a trustworthy, caring individual and I feel I can rely on them to throw the cards randomly into the air so that my earlier predictions will be correct

This of course is correct

  • And finally I’m sure I can rely on the audience to give my second volunteer a huge round of applause as they take a bow and make their way back to their seat

Perfect applause cue

Thus the mentalism routine ends with the second person leaving the stage to thunderous applause, leaving you alone on stage.

At this point you ask the Companies Boss to stand up and remove the receipt he has in his pocket and look at the receipt.

You then proceed to reveal details about the receipt you could not know such as the Store Managers name, VAT registration number and such like, how much money was handed over and how much change was given, before asking him to take his seat as you say goodnight, take your final applause and milk the crowd for a standing ovation

Bonus Mentalism Effects Explained


Also you’ll learn the secrets of how to use the Plastic Carrier Bag which contained the cards brought on stage by the companies boss for a powerful QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ROUTINE.

You’ll also learn how the Plastic Bag can be used in some other amazing ways to help you perform other MIRACLES OF THE MIND with several actual examples given.

It should be noted that several sections which make up this routine could be performed as miracles in their own right, but what you are buying here is a complete audience tested routine.

This is tested material, the routine is perfection itself and the built in Psychology and Patter Psychology is structured such that even Magicians and Mentalists will have a hard time working out how this was done!

The description of the effect is 100% fair and accurate of what every audience member will swear on their life has taken place in front of them and as such try and work out the methodology from that and see how hard it is.

And don’t forget that in actual mentalism performances there are many Physical and Verbal Psychological ploys used which make the mentalism routine even more powerful and amazing to watch than any written description of the effect could do it justice

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