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The Secret Power Of Simple Self Defence Techniques & Tactics For Men

Self-defence is preparation to minimize the possibility of assault"
Here's an amazing video training course which reveals the life saving secrets other trainers are scared to pass on

When you’re faced with a life-threatening situation where the attacker wants to hurt you, every second counts


Now whilst it’s true to say that this package is entitled “Self-Defence For Men”  in truth the contents are of invaluable use for both men and women who desire to achieve the confidence and competence to know that they can easily and effectively defend themselves anytime, anyplace, anywhere, even in the most extreme and unimaginable of situations

This Amazing 5 Video plus optional course manuals Multi-Media Home Study Training Course Package will teach you in a simple step by step manner all of the most jealously guarded secrets of real world self defence that the violent attackers, street thugs, and even some martial arts schools don’t want you to know.

When you’re faced with a life threatening situation where the attacker wants to hurt you bad, every second counts.

In those deadly situations, you don’t have time for complicated fighting styles, fancy spinning kicks, or Hollywood style stunts. Those things will get you in a real mess for sure

When every second counts, every second matters

That’s why it’s vital you learn this step-by-step defence system now before you find out its too late.

You don’t have to be quick, or coordinated, or even in good physical shape… These are natural body movements that anyone (from a child to senior citizens) can use very effectively to defend themselves.

You don’t need to train constantly to become a master of this system.  All you have to spend is a few minutes per day during these two weeks of training.

And… there are no silly customs, religious aspects, or fees. What you’ll learn here is a “fighting system” that focuses only on teaching you one thing – how to walk out of any physical confrontation alive, using simple and proven “quick finish” moves

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Find Inside this Self Defence Video Training series

  • What the violent street thugs, don’t want you to know
  • How to make these techniques instinctively your natural response to a violent attack where every second counts
  • How not to make mistakes that will get you seriously hurt or even killed
  • Simple steps that you can learn quickly and master easily
  • What to look out for when you think you could be attacked
  • Being aware of your surroundings and chances of escape

 This unique course in Self Defence Techniques consists of 5 training video’s plus optional training course manuals as follows







Some Important Things To Consider When Learning Self Defence Techniques

Our capabilities ought to bear some relationship to real life objectives. People learning to defend themselves against assault ought not to be trained as though they were preparing for warfare. The concepts, techniques and methods appropriate for training Samurai warriors are not those appropriate for teaching self defence as a practical skill for today.

The legal and moral definition of self defence expressly limits the degree of force to the least which can be used to avert, stop, or escape from an intended assault and that’s exactly what this video training course will teach you

Learn Ninja Style Pressure Point Techniques Which Can Immobilise Your Attacker In Second’s Allowing You To Escape And Live Another Day

In old style self defence, every assault is viewed as a very vicious assault. Real life is different. There are degrees of danger. Assault intentions range from mildly threatening to the intent to do great bodily harm. More important, there are mildly threatening situations which, if handled properly with assertive self control, can be prevented from escalating into physical violence.

There must be a full range of responses to correspond to the range of possible situations.

Otherwise there is only the all-or-nothing response, which is not a choice – it is a dilemma.

The person who cannot cope with a mildly threatening hostile act does nothing, or responds to the mild threat as if it were a vicious assault.

If the intended victim is passive it encourages the assailant and assaultive action is more likely to occur. Reacting to a mild threat as though it were a vicious assault is inappropriate.

The objective of ethical self defence instruction is to teach appropriate and effective responses. The objective of these unrivalled video’s is to give information and guidance toward making those appropriate responses.

About Your Self Defence Techniques Coach

Your Instructor for this Home Study Video Course is a true world leader in his field of all Self Defence Techniques, here is just a small insight to your awesome Instructor.

Born in 1972, he started training at the tender age of just 4, within 5 years he had won various wrestling competitions etc… during which he was learning Karate & Boxing.

He was given top honours in Wrestling. He then turned his attention to Karate full time… focusing on JKA (Shotokan, Funakoshi, Koryu Uchinadi).

Most of his teenage years were spent competing in Karate, where he excelled. Being taught by masters such as Sensei Neil Lindsay & Shihan Pikkas Windall.

While training under the watchful eye of Sensei Dennis Watson, at aged only 18, he was appointed Team manager for the Transvaal Junior Karate Team in South Africa.

So you get the best there is.

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