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Gay Hypnosis & Body Language Secrets

The powerful phenomena of Self Esteem, Charisma, Attraction & Confidence

The US recently legalized gay marriages but those are only baby steps for thousands gay men and women who struggle to find their place as people in society

Gay hypnosis, relationships and the individuals involved are often viewed as people with nothing concrete to offer and unfortunately few ever prove this theory wrong.

Gay Hypnosis, just like homosexuality, is a practice so shrouded in mystery that very few people dare dig deeper into what it is really about. The good news though is that these two controversial subjects can be combined with positive results. Gay hypnosis is a useful skill to learn for a number of health benefits or as a well paying, respected career.

When considering gay dating, confidence, charisma and self esteem are often stumbling blocks.  This is where the techniques of hypnotism can unlock the keys to success.

Gay relationships and attraction will also benefit from these techniques leading to an improved quality of life and larger circle of friends

Hypnosis Therapy

A technique that uses guided relaxation and demands full concentration in order to enter a trance’ or state of heightened awareness. It is an aid to psychotherapy that allows people to face up to feelings, thoughts and memories hidden in the depths of their subconscious. By getting in touch with these emotions people are able to deal with their pain and lack of confidence by gaining a different perception of the outside world.

Learning hypnosis can have great impact to a gay person who feels smaller each time they encounter their peers. The skills learnt help a person realize that they can help people dealing with similar problems, a situation that increases their confidence. A person who exudes confidence draws peoples’ attention away from their flaws and sexual preferences allowing people to respect them for their abilities instead.

Clinical hypnosis therapy can either be analytic or suggestive. The latter makes a person respond better to various suggestions to help them change their habits. It is ideal in helping smokers quit and treating pain. Analytic hypnosis on the other hand explores the deep rooted cause of a certain problems which once identified, can be sorted out through psychotherapy

The techniques can produce massive improvements in levels of Confidence Building, Charisma & Self Esteem.  This is where gay hypnosis comes into play.

Stage Hypnosis

Those who do not want to be confined to a clinic can learn stage hypnosis, a unique form conducted in front of an audience seeking entertainment.

In the past people were skeptical about stage hypnosis or mesmerism as it was called, owing to serious, sometimes unpleasant demonstrations but today it is an accepted from of comedic entertainment.

Stage hypnosis is performed in bars, theatre and other stages where people want a different form of entertainment. Members of the gay community can learn stage hypnosis to entertain others and hopefully make some money out of it.

For the sake of authenticity a stage hypnotist usually picks a volunteer from the audience to put in a trance like state and guide them to act in certain ways that will entertain those watching. Some hypnotists use stooges but this is not acceptable as it makes the entire act seem phony and rehearsed. Stage hypnosis techniques have to be learnt over a period of time to enhance safety, increase the learner’s confidence and entertain the audience.

The most important thing during stage hypnosis is selection of a cooperative volunteer.

Gay couples, the homosexual and even lesbian women are very often ideal subjects.  No performer wants to pick a personality type that resists hypnosis as this is not fodder for a good show. To select a good volunteer a gay hypnotist must learn different personality types so that they are able to select cooperative people for their show.

Just like hypnosis therapy, stage hypnosis is good for both parties as it helps them overcome fears and deal with emotions hidden deep inside.  Some gaymen are extrovert in nature and are extremely responsive.

The person learning how to perform hypnosis on stage constantly exposes themselves to people and by so doing they become more confident. A gay person who wants to become a stage performer should definitely consider entertaining through hypnosis

Whatever type of hypnosis you decide to learn will help you deal with feelings of low self-esteem, appeal more to peers and if you choose stage hypnosis, people will certainly hold you in high regard.

There is no longer an excuse for you to spend your life in obscurity just because you are gay.

It can be quite daunting but it is still worth taking a leap of faith to learn a few skills that will make you the star on stage. If stage hypnosis is already fascinating to you, learn more about changing your life through learning gay hypnosis.

Can a gay man or woman learn hypnosis?

Absolutely YES

And with these new skills you will also learn not to compare yourself with other people.

There is always going to be others with more and those with less.  Get involved with the comparison circle and you will be faced with too many obstacles to overcome.  With the new you will learn to be yourself and be more than happy with it.

Then your new confidence and enhanced self esteem levels will reverse the previous effects of putting yourself down.  Self depreciating thoughts will become a thing of the past and positive, energetic affirmations will flow

Male & Female Body Language Secrets


Then there’s the eternal mystery of male and female body language.

Some people are so persuasive! 

Have you ever wondered why?…

Other people seem to have confidence oozing from their veins…

Do you know why?…

Then there’s the type who always seem to get that promotion by flying through interviews and appraisals – even though they aren’t as good as you

Want to know why?…

It’s actually what they DON’T say rather than what they DO say that matters

You can learn all the secrets in the book about Body Language Communication Skills… and how to use them to your advantage.  Learn all the principals and techniques to put them into action today.

You’ll find people will…

  • Speak to you differently
  • Create an enhanced perception of you
  • Change their behaviour around you

You will also be…

  • No longer the person pushed around, but in control
  • Without any conscious effort, be the centre of attention
  • In better relationships, professionally and more importantly, personally

And if that’s not enough – You’ll become more

Charismatic, confident, assertive and persuasive

When you easily master the body language of men and female body language you’ll succeed in everything you do


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