Secrets of Dual Reality Hypnosis & Exponent of Psychology

Exposed - The Shocking Real World Secrets Of The World’s Leading Comedy Stage & Street Hypnotist’s, NLP, Mentalism & Mind Control Experts And Masters Of Magical Mind Control

Dual Reality Hypnosis


For the first time ever this amazing video and training course featuring Top Television Hypnotist & International NLP & Hypnosis Expert Dr. Jonathan Royle exposes the True Secrets Of The Greatest Hypnotists to have ever lived, plus many other jealously guarded insider secrets which you will not find taught anywhere else.

This video footage, along with the Bonus Training Manuals contain the Real Work on so called  “DUAL REALITY HYPNOSIS”.

You will learn numerous professional secrets, ploys, techniques and complete routines which go way beyond anything you may have ever learned in the past from such sources as Orville Meyer (Telepathy In Action) – Ormond McGill (Dr Q’s Hypnotic Act) or Enrique Enriquez (Act Of Imagination).

In fact the TRUE SECRETS of many of the Dynamite Hypnotism Miracles revealed in this explosive video and training package have never before been revealed, and have helped make the reputations of such legends of the past as Robert Halphern, Delavar, Ormond McGill & Peter Casson amongst many others.

 Simply search their names on the internet and you’ll see how successful they were and INCREDIBLY a large amount of their success and indeed the success of many of the most Famous Television Hypnotists & Mind Control Experts around the world today has been and is still due to the jealously guarded techniques of…


Within minutes of watching this unique video and studying the training manual contents you will have learned and be able to easily perform, present and carry out all of the following:

  • The NEW approach to the Locked Hands Suggestibility Test. This method is very DIFFERENT to anything he has ever revealed on this subject before and practically GUARANTEE’S that the MAJORITY of the audience will find that their hands have become Locked, Glued, Welded and Cemented together in such a manner that they are unable to separate them until you command them otherwise. You’ll be amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of this method as you watch it performed & explained on video
  • How to move directly from this UNIQUE method of Hand Locking into another powerful Suggestibility Test and Convincer which flows smoothly from one to the other in such a manner that it aids the natural process of Hypnotic Relaxation and Induction
  • To Top it all Royle then generously demonstrates and reveals how to turn the past two steps into an apparently incredibly RAPID INDUCTION


You’ll then see Royle demonstrate on this unique video how amazing and effective his “Secret Hypnotic Gizmo” can be in enabling you to apparently place anybody into INSTANT TRANCE state, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, however noisy it may be around you!

This Secret based on a jealously guarded method used by the likes of Robert Halphern & Peter Casson, amongst many other Hypnotic Masters of the past, has been refined and improved over the past decade by Dr. Jonathan Royle and is now for the first time on video fully explained with all of the nuances, subtleties and “real world” insider professional handling techniques which will always enable you to look like a TRUE MASTER HYPNOTIST

  • Royle even explains on video how to use this “Secret Gizmo” in conjunction with “Dual Reality Hypnosis” in order to create the perfect Trance Illusion whereby even the volunteers on stage will be 100% convinced that they have genuinely been hypnotised even when no real hypnosis has been used
  • As a SPECIAL BONUS all of the visual images, graphics and special gimmicks you need to make your own “SECRET HYPNOTIC GIZMO” are included on the course material along with full construction details enabling you to make this INNOCENT looking “Gizmo” which will have you apparently able to hypnotise anybody & everybody in seconds
  • You’ll also be taught how to use the “Secret Gizmo” to easily perform a complete 60 to 90 Minute Comedy Stage Hypnotism Show with success literally the day after you have studied this Unique Training Package


How to discover the Secret of “Newton’s Nightmare” and how Royle uses this to convince anyone that their perception & reality of time has been altered thanks to “INSTANT HYPNOSIS”.

You’ll also realise when you watch this how this technique can be used as a mind blowing convincer in Hypnosis and ultimately to enable you to get even the most resistant or sceptical person to have 100% BELIEF and as such become Hypnotised!

*During the video, Royle also discusses his use of “Optical Illusion Rings” to convince anyone that they are genuinely hypnotised, even when no genuine hypnosis is ever being used!

And by way of an additional manual included on the course package he also discusses and teaches uses for the rings in Magical Mentalism Manners and also as part of powerful treatment sessions for NLP’ers, Hypnotherapy Practitioners and other Mind Therapists.


Certainly if you have ever wanted to be able to appear to place anybody into INSTANT TRANCE states, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, however noisy the place is or however resistant the people may be then you need this video and the accompanying bumper packed course material.

 Studying this complete package you will also learn all of the following Insider Secret’s of The Master Hypnotists:

  • How To Use the “Brass Ball & Tube” Magic Trick to COVERTLY place people who are watching into GENUINE TRANCE STATES
  • How to effectively use the magical trick of “Hypno-Heat” whereby a small ball of foil becomes too hot (apparently by suggestion) for the volunteer to hold any longer and turn it into an INSTANT INDUCTION
  • How Royle & his colleague Chris Lee use an “Electric Touch” to convince volunteers that they have “Hypnotic Energy” and to turn even the biggest sceptics into co-operative volunteers who are easy to Hypnotise

  • For the first time ever Royle also reveals how to use many other items which can be bought cheaply from magical supply shops and even Joke Shops to enhance your reputation and apparent skills as a Master Comedy Stage Hypnotist
  • You’ll even learn how to use many simple “Magic Tricks” in conjunction with your work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to become even more effective in helping your clients to solve their problems with ease
  • Royle’s “No Fail” method of INSTANTLY helping people to Stop Smoking within a matter of seconds either as an amazing and hilarious interlude on Stage or as Serious Therapy is for the first time taught in this training package


As a Special Bonus the course material also includes details of enough “Body-Magic” style Hypno-Tricks and Pseudo Hypnosis Demonstrations so that you can easily perform a complete 60 to 90 minute Hypnotic Demonstration or Show anytime, anyplace, anywhere which is GUARANTEED to work on EVERYBODY when you follow our detailed instructions.

When you study this Unique Training Package in conjunction with reading the excellent manual “Zapped” by Ricki Dunn (A Complete Performance Guide to the High Voltage, Laugh Provoking Electric Chairs) available from Norm Nielsen Magic (Las Vegas) and watch the DVD of Paul Daniel’s Live in Edinburgh then you will realise how Royles “Secret Hypnotic Gizmo” can also be used to help you perform the ULTIMATE ELECTRIC CHAIRS routine whereby the on stage volunteers come to imagine they have genuinely been hypnotised.

This stunt has made many people famous over the years such as Chefalo, Maurice Fogel, David Devant, Dominique, Marvyn Roy and of course Paul Daniels amongst many others and CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU.

This is the package the Top Professional’s will be FURIOUS that we have released and we are sure they will try to BAN IT – so do yourself a favour and whilst we are still able to sell it secure your copy of this video and training courses today.

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