Noesitherapy Instant Pain Control Training Course - Pain Relief Made Easy

The Powerful Techniques of Noesitherapy – Positive Mind Programming & Hypnosis Induced Instant Pain Control & Relief & How To Use These Techniques

Study this course and become a Professional Clinical Hypnotist and Noesitherapy Consultant Earning a substantial income whilst helping people eliminate pain, fears, allergies, phobias, habits, health issues or emotional problems



This amazing Home Study Course comprising of a feature length instructional Video presented by Dr. Jonathan Royle BSc and also an information packed training manual written by Clinical Hypnotherapist Dr. Brian Howard is dedicated to Doctor Angel Escudero, a modern man of miracles.

This benefactor of mankind has discovered and developed a method of treating illness, and performing surgical operations of all kinds, in a way that is truly revolutionary.

This Valencia, Spain based doctor was the subject of Several British Television Programmes including BBC One’s “Your life In Their Hands” and indeed his life changing technique for Instant Anaesthesia and Pain Control has been featured on TV Shows around the world including Carol Voderman’s “Mysteries”.

Most recently his amazing approach of Noesitherapy was combined with Clinical Hypnotism Induced Anasthesia & Analgesia demonstrated during a two hour British TV Show on More Four entitled “Hypno-Surgery Live” within which a Hernia Operation was conducted without the use of conventional chemical drugs or medicines, rather the power of the human mind was the only thing used to eliminate any pain the operation should have caused.


During the course of the BBC programme which viewers watched with amazement as Dr. Angel Escudero performed a major orthopedic operation to straighten the leg of a woman; and an operation to treat Varicose Veins on a man, without anesthetic of any kind. Surprisingly, there was no evidence of pain being suffered by either patient during what should be, a long and painful process under ordinary circumstances.


Angel calls his method of treatment, `NOESITHERAPY` meaning `Treatment through thought`


The orthopedic operation, which was fully shown on television, involved the making of a large surgical incision in the patient’s leg, above the Tibia. The Tibia was then sawn with the use of an electric saw, and a wedge of bone was then chiselled out.


This was to allow the bent leg to be straightened without the bone breaking. Two holes were then drilled through the flesh and bone of the leg, and two long metal. Bolts were threaded through the leg. The bone of the leg was then straightened and held into position by two metal plates positioned on the bolts, one on each side of the leg, and clamped together by the screwing of four metal Wing-nuts, threaded onto the two bolts. The incision was stitched and the leg bandaged.


Anyone, who has undergone major orthopedic surgery, even with complete anesthesia, will know of the agony of post-operative pain. Yet to actually see this long surgical operation being performed WITHOUT ANASTHETICS OF ANY KIND, and to hear the patient quietly and happily discussing her bodily sensations during the whole process, in a simple and matter of fact way, was truly remarkable. She affirmed that she felt no pain or discomfort of any kind, either during or immediately after this assault upon her leg.


The seventy-five minute operation for Varicose Veins which was performed on a middle aged man, involved the making of nine deep surgical incisions in the leg. The cutting, and sealing of the enlarged veins, and finally the closing of the wounds with the use of a stapling machine, and the bandaging of the leg.


Once again, no anesthetic of any kind was administered before, during, or after the operation. The patient was fully conscious and talked throughout the operation. He compared the operation to making a visit to his local Pub` whilst the operation was under way. He afterwards got up from the Operating Table unaided, and immediately walked about the room, apparently completely free from pain.


Both operations were witnessed by other medical doctors, most of whom seemed to be extremely sceptical of `Noesitherapy`, but were finally convinced of its efficacy by the time the operations were over.


There is another quite remarkable feature of the seven hundred odd operations so far carried out by Doctor Escudero, and that is the complete absence of post-operative infection; even though no anti-biotics are used.


All damaged tissue heals swiftly and without complication and with a `zero per cent` infection rate. This aspect of the doctor’s work was a most difficult pill for one Micro-biologist to swallow. She argued that there was not a single doctor in the world with a `zero per cent` infection rate.


Doctor Escudero simply smiled and said, “Well, you are looking at one now.” I think that she was finally convinced.


All in all, Doctor Escudero appears to have discovered a secret of nature of the significance of the elusive `Philosophers Stone`, which could completely revolutionize surgery of all kinds, and which could be harnessed to bring about the healing of all manner of disease.


Bearing this in mind, it should be possible to eliminate pain, to accelerate recovery from illness, and to aid the natural healing forces of our bodies by the application of `Noesitherapy`.


Some envisage a future where one can expect to live a longer, happier, and certainly a healthier life; where sickness and disease could be a thing of the past, destined to be relegated to the “dark ages”, where such conditions rightly belong.





Well its true to say that using Noesitherapy Dr. Angel Escudero has performed practically every type of Surgical Operation in a pain free manner and has even helped people overcome their health problems such as Asthma, Vision Problems, Skin Problems and well in short practically everything you can think of, so without doubt it is immensely powerful.

However combined with Dr. Jonathan Royle’s Unique One session treatment approach of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) the effects of Noesitherapy are amplified many times and as such the sky probably is the limit.

Indeed between the feature length video and the Training Manuals you will learn both about Noesitherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and the technique of Complete Mind Therapy.


  • A feature length Video upon which you will witness Dr. Jonathan Royle demonstrate Noesitherapy at work, including Anaesthetising a volunteers hand and then sticking a needle all the way through their hand with no pain or discomfort felt by them whatsoever
  • On a second Video you will also see Royle demonstrate a real Complete Mind Therapy Session on a Volunteer who previously has a Phobia of needles. This approach of Complete Mind Therapy can be used to treat most any problem, issue, habit, phobia or health complaint within a single 60 minute session with most any client with amazing results, and watching this Video makes it easy to learn the techniques required for your success
  • The Training Manuals will then teach you in a simple step by step manner everything you’ll ever need to know about both Noesitherapy and also Complete Mind Therapy in order to combine the two techniques to treat practically every problem you could imagine from A through to Z

You will also receive the following certificates, either supplied as a download or sent in the post with the DVD version

diplomaDCMT (2)

With this home study course, you see the full process first being used on a real client and then being taught, no stone is left unturned and upon completion you will be confident and competent enough to start helping people change their life’s forever.

Whether its Instant Pain Relief & Control that interests you, or helping people to cure their Fears & Phobias this is the course for you!

And helping people to eliminate Habits and other problems from their life by working in the areas of Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss, Confidence Issues, Stress Reduction and other fields becomes as easy as 1,2,3

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