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Complete Mind Therapy Course With Hypnotherapy Certification

Rebrand Yourself As A Complete Mind Therapy Consultant To Have The Edge

If You’re Getting Everything You Want From Hypnosis, You Don’t This.

(If you’re ready for more, read on…)

Here’s your opportunity to master the powerful techniques of NLP Mind Programming, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy enabling you to eliminate people’s problems often within a single session

And rebrand yourself as a “Complete Mind Therapy Consultant”

You always need an edge on you’re competition, especially in the Complementary Therapy arena, so here’s your complete Business In A Box package, suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Just one application is to consider the thousands of people taking a holiday and dreading the actual flight.  Just imagine what your demand could be to offer a total fix for this issue.  What if, in your Therapeutic Toolkit, you had the power to remove the craving for smoking, improve confidence levels, quash the fear of flying before and during the flight.

Even address excessive weight issues to get in shape for the holiday.

Just imagine how many Travel Agents would be happy to promote you when they realize they could take more bookings from people previously reluctant to take the plunge

With this Diploma standard Hypnotherapy Certification Home Study video course you will:

  Witness a demonstration of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) at work removing a genuine Fear of Flying in just minutes

  Learn how the unique approach of CMT can be used to address any problem, issue, habit, phobia with amazing results

  Join International Airline Captain Ian Robertson explaining the proven to work approach to curing clients Fear of Flying

  Discover the simple techniques from Captain Robertson used in Crew Resource Management which airlines use

  Master the art of the famous Fast Phobia Cure combined with CMT to treat practically every problem you could imagine

  Obtain the rare “Hypnotist’s Bible” by Delavar – teacher of some of the world’s top Television Hypnotist’s

Did You Know…

British Airways actually run “Fear of Flying” courses at various locations tailored for people with these exact same issues so you’ll be in good company.  The catch here is… the cost of their courses can be in excess of £1000 so you’re sure to successfully compete and even use this as an example in your advertising campaigns.

Included in your course

Secrets of Professional Hypnotherapy Volume 1

Secrets of Professional Hypnotherapy Volume 2

Crew Resource Management Instruction

Complete Mind Therapy Instruction for Fear of Flying
& Fast Phobia Cure

8 Copyright Free Hypnotherapy Audio CD’s for resale

Training Courses, books & manuals

2 x Professional Diploma’s

1 x Professional Certificate

You can buy this INSTANT DOWNLOAD from ONLY $44 right this very minute!

And even obtain all the certification if required (see below)

4 Video Training Set PLUS 8 Audio CD’s for resale PLUS Full Training Courses PLUS Certificates

In addition to the specialized training above you also receive

Secrets of Professional Hypnotherapy Volume 1

Teaching in a simple step by step manner how to treat most any problem, with most any client in a single sixty minute session.

You’re taught the structure of the unique treatment method Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) which combines the most powerful and effective elements of NLP, Suggestion Therapy, Pain & Pleasure Therapy and other approaches into a tried, tested and proven to work approach which is beyond compare

Amongst the numerous subjects and techniques both taught, demonstrated and explained are:

The Introductory Talk & Gaining Rapport with Clients

The Fingers Closing Together Pre-Induction Test

The Eyes Follow Thumb Rotation Convincer

The Guaranteed Locked Hands Experiment

The Guaranteed Locked Hands Over Face Rapid Induction

The Rapid Muscular Relaxation Trance Deepener

The Staircase of Relaxation Deepening

The Warm Comfy Bed Technique

The School Blackboard Method

The Use of Direct Positive & Negative Suggestions

The Use of Pain & Pleasure Therapy

The Use of Aversion Therapy

The TV Set get rid of the past Visualisation

The Magic Mirror – Create Your New Future Technique

Use of the Magic Ruler Visualisation to Increase Willpower

Magic Ruler to Increase Self-Confidence

Magic Ruler to Increase Self-Esteem

Using the Major Post Hypnotic Suggestion

The Post Session Home Use Self-Help Tape

Then There’s Even More

Secrets of Professional Hypnotherapy Volume 2

This is in the opinion of many leading experts one of the leading Hypnotherapy Training video’s available

Become a fly on the wall as you watch a genuine Stop Smoking Treatment session

 Using a combination of Suggestion Hypnotherapy, NLP and the innovation of Complete Mind Therapy you will witness how Royle successfully stops people smoking with a single 45-minute treatment session.

 Useful advice on all areas of Hypnotherapy is contained on this video, but witnessing Royle’s voice tones, body postures, word structure and learning his unique, tried, tested and proven to work method of Complete Mind Therapy will be a valuable addition to any intelligent Hypnotist.

 Advice is also given on how to use this treatment method and session structure to treat most any problem ever presented to you with just one single treatment session ranging from 40 to 60 minutes.

You’ll have the knowledge & competence to finish this course as an Advanced Practitioner in Clinical & Medical Style Hypnotherapy Treatment Methods.  Usually you’d have to take a separate course on top of your training to learn these jealously guarded real world Hypnotic Secrets.

In addition there are 8 “Magical Wizard” MP3 CD tracks produced by the international Hypnotherapist Robert Siegel which contain a combination of pioneering deeper learning strategies of Dr Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  These are supplied COPYRIGHT FREE to allow you to resell these and the titles include:-

  Be Confident

  Lose Weight & Stay In Shape

  Stop Smoking

  Be Relaxed

  Draw Love Into Your Life

  Be a Mastermind Super Learner

  Draw Prosperity Into Your Life

  Make Your Dreams Come True

And finally, literally hundreds of pages of written course materials to learn at your own pace as you progress to more advanced levels very briefly covering…

What hypnosis is about and how it works

 How the human mind works

Rapport, observation, recognition, and leadership skills

Principles of verbal, physical and reverse psychology

Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Analysis and Creative Visualisation

Inductions for the consulting room

Standard phrases for hypnotic inductions and how to deepen the hypnotic trance

How to identify the trance states and awaken clients

How to deal with abreactions and hard to awaken subjects

Hypnotherapy scripts for stopping smoking, weight loss, skin problems, and confidence building

Psychotherapy and how to tackle advanced problems such as acute depression and sexual problems

The use of hypnosis for past life regression

Shortcuts to alternative medicine

How to increase your hypnotherapy business and income

How to earn money from stress management and motivational training

The Fast Phobia Cure Treatment Known as Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC)

The Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) session structure

           This entire course is designed specifically for those people wanting to use Hypnotherapy, NLP & Hypnotic Techniques for the Therapeutic Treatment of Clients and also for those wishing to move into the areas of Life Coaching and/or Counselling. Of course, the methods taught are unique and very powerful

You Can Also Upgrade To Receive Professional Certificates & Diplomas Shown Below (These are supplied as downloads to print out, or sent in the post stamped and signed, depending on the choice of option

This entire hypnosis course has been purposely written in a simple to understand manner with plain language and complicated words and phrases removed. As closely to the way the majority of us speak. This has been established as the best possible way to learn, absorb and understand information, which may be new and alien to us. Grammar and syntax will be thrown away in the interests of passing on the knowledge easily, quickly, enjoyably and effectively to you

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