The Hypnotist Bible by DELAVAR

The Hypnotist Bible is possibly the most educational Hypnosis book ever written

“THE HYPNOTIST BIBLE” by DELAVAR is possibly the most educational book covering all areas of both Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy that you will ever purchase during your Hypnotic studies


Delavar comes from a family, many of whom have been professional working Hypnotists for several generations.


A Stage Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist all his life and working with the information gleaned from consulting rooms, stage shows and research.


He has placed within the pages of this work, his knowledge of many years, distilled and crystallised and containing all the information that is needed to become or improve as


This reference work on hypnosis is not a book about hypnosis or fanciful tales built around it, but is the real work on how to hypnotize and how to use hypnosis.


It will be the “reference and text book” for all Stage Hypnotists, Research Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists etc well into the next century.


Even then, it will be plagiarised as it is now. The work is based on the knowledge gained by Delavar, as a Stage Hypnotist, Research Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist


Part of the Hypnotist Bible is from an old book written by Delavar when he was very young. The information in that book is just as valid today as when it was first written – circa 1935 – and readers are advised to study its contents very carefully, as they cannot really be improved upon.


Unlike many of today’s writings, the facts are presented in a clear concise fashion. With the basic knowledge gained from these works, you may tread the path of hypnosis securely, wisely and profitably.


To learn how to Hypnotize is very easy. To use that knowledge successfully is difficult. To make money from that knowledge can be hard. The master of Hypnosis need never be out of work or short of money.


Studying the contents of the Hypnotist Bible closely will help you to become a proficient Hypnotist.


Many have already done so. Some are millionaires and household names.



Very few people start off as Hypnotists. Most are from other walks of life. Few were born into it.


As Delavar says, “I was unfortunate. I have been trying to escape from Hypnosis all my life. I am still trapped in Hypnotic work. When you are good, the public never let you go. You have been warned.”

This amazing book contains Delavar’s unique works on both Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy


It is packed from cover to cover with liquid gold never before revealed in print dynamite information and secrets which have been jealously guarded for years. Delavar was the founder of the “Ethical Stage Hypnotists” and is Past President of “The British Council of Professional Stage Hypnotists”


Indeed this complete course in all things Hypnotic was the handbook for members of The British Council & International Council of Hypnotists.


Past members of these groups have included TV stars, Paul McKenna, Andrew Newton, Ken Webster, and numerous other top name Hypnotists.


If you want to be the best, then you need to learn from the best and when we tell you that Delavar also taught Top British Television Hypnotist Jonathan Royle, we know you will realise that this is one of if not the best training course available teaching both Stage Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy.


We are proud that Delavar has given us permission to make this dynamite publication available to all students of Hypnosis as not only does this course teach you the true inside secrets of Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, but also Delavar discusses from his own experience the business of Hypnosis and suggests many ways to make money and lots of it.


To top it all Delavar reveals how to circumvent the 1952 Hypnotism Act and other Hypnotic Laws so that you may be able to perform legally anytime, anyplace, anywhere.


If you only ever buy one book on Hypnosis, make sure this is the one as the contents are worth many times the small price we are making this course available for.


In short this amazing book contains EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to know to get started OR IMPROVE as a Stage Hypnotist oir Hypnotherapist.


To retain it’s authenticity, the book is supplied in it’s original unedited, unformatted format and is a goldmine of treasure

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