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Copy these simple techniques and YOU can learn to Massage as well as ANY PROFESSIONAL in less time than it takes to watch your favourite movie.

Have you ever wished you knew the secrets of how to give someone a truly great massage?

By using the natural, drug-free solution to pain, muscular tension and stress of modern living . . .MASSAGE . . . YOU’RE JUST HOURS AWAY FROM LEARNING How to Massage as well as any Professional and EXPERIENCING ALL THESE BENEFITS

It’s true that everyone loves receiving a good massage but not many people (apart from professional therapists) know the secrets of how to give a really satisfying massage. But now you can be different.

Finally here’s a video training course that will teach you everything you need to know on how to give a great massage. The comprehensive video set to learn massage online is a step-by-step guide that shows you all the inside moves, tips, and techniques that professionals massage therapists use to give a really effective massage.

In no time at all you will learn how to massage like a Professional. Just imagine being able to surprise all your friends and family with your new found skill. Or even go into your own Private Practise.

Massage has fast become the most popular complementary therapy in the world and it’s not surprising when you consider all the amazing benefits it brings.

Did you know that:

  • Massage relaxes you and relieves stress
  • Massage can ease tension, stiffness and pain
  • Massage can decrease anxiety and depression

  • Massage can improve breathing and circulation
  • Massage can enhance health & well being
  • Massage can help Align the Body

And now you can learn the skills and have the ability to give these great benefits to someone else.

Unlike most other video tutorials on the market this video training set to learn massage online goes way beyond just teaching you the basic moves and techniques. You’ll be amazed at the amount of depth it goes into, teaching you techniques that usually only the professionals know about and some they don’t.

This course to learn massage online takes you by the hand and doesn’t make you wonder what you should do or not do, but tells and show you exactly how to do it, when to do it and what to do so that you can spend less time learning and start massaging in quick time.

Summing up what you’ll learn with this Massage Course

  • Professional Thai Massage Techniques Video
  • Professional Back & Neck Massage Techniques Video

  • Professional Anti Cellulite Massage Techniques Video
  • Professional Baby Massage Techniques Video

That’s 4 Full Length Training Video’s of Valuable Content

Plus Comprehensive Training Course Manuals

You’ll learn everything you need to know on how to give a relaxing and effective Back, Neck, Thai, Anti Cellulite & Baby Massage.

More then 30 techniques and routines used by professionals to give an effective Back and Neck Massage ( That is the same amount some video’s give for a Full Body Massage, which just shows how in depth and different this video is to anything else out there)

All the important safety rules contraindications and regulations so that you know when it’s safe and when it’s not, to massage.

Which are the best massage oils to use for the best results

How to set the perfect mood in a room and create the right atmosphere before you start to massage.

You’ll receive 30 Minutes of Free Relaxing Music which you can start massaging to straight away.

An Essential Guide to Learn Massage Online
Get this training course today and you can finally start learning how to give wonderful massages. This really is an essential guide if you want to learn how to massage. Seeing these advanced massage techniques brought to life on your screen makes it far easier to learn than trying to understand complex and static diagrams in many of the books available.

You will really not find anything else like this anywhere, whether it be in Book form or Video.

These massage video’s were produced with the goal in mind to make the most advanced and detailed video’s ever produced and to combine that with an easy-to-learn feel. And let’s be honest, when it comes to massage, nothing makes it easier to learn then being able to see exactly what the teacher is doing, and for that reason we made sure to add many Extreme Close-ups of All the Moves.

With multi angled views of every single move and technique , you won’t have to wonder how and up to where or how much or how hard you should do every move, because now you will see exactly what to do from two different angles for every move. That combined with the vocal step by step instructions for each move and technique you will learn how to massage , not only faster but also more effective.

Most Massage Books and Video’s concentrate so much on teaching you the basics of massage that they forget to give any information on all the products that goes hand in hand with giving a great massage. In these video’s we will show all the products and tricks of the trade which a Professional Massage Therapist uses to help make a normal massage a great one.

You will learn everything from how create a perfect atmosphere to what oils to use and what drinks to provide for best results.

Even more!

Indian head massage step by step guide

This fantastic optional training course introduces you to the ancient art of Indian head massage. It covers the benefits of IHM, movements and oils used and the chakras. It also includes an illustrated step by step guide to an Indian head massage so that you may treat your friends, clients and family.

This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in Indian head massage.

Thai Massage Techniques

This is a Thai massage course, with simple “easy to follow” Thai massage Techniques.

The feet [reflexology] massage

The hand massage

The head massage

The piece de resistance

With simple easy to follow instructions, complete with illustrations both explaining and showing you how to give a Thai massage.

Also, a selection of “Tools of the Trade” as used by Thai masseurs which would enhance any technique you choose to give.


Traditional Thai massage will not only improve the fitness of the active but also enable inactive people to feel healthier

Traditional Thai massage is very beneficial not only physically but also mentally and emotionally

Traditional Thai massage increases good blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, relieves stress, increases energy and reduces tiredness

A full Thai body massage would take an intense 4 hours to complete, and if you happen to attend different Thai masseurs , you’d be surprised to find that most masseurs stick with the same basic techniques ,but all also have their own personal likes , so that no 2 massages might be the same

The benefits of these techniques are huge. The fact that massage releases toxins in your body, it’s recommended you drink plenty of water after a massage, and then wait 24 hrs before having a second massage.

This unique Professional Standard home study training package to learn massage online is without doubt the intelligent choice for anyone who desires to experience the benefits of Therapeutic Massage and even for those whose aim is to become a high in demand Professional Massage Therapist in this lucrative field.

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